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Despite the fact that December holidays, the time of giving and receiving presents it’s over and what’s next is to fulfill those resolutions we just made to ourselves; there’s always a party. It’s a huge challenge to dress up for a party in winter and we all been there at some point; you’re standing there, in front of your closet full of gorgeous and super short dresses that give you chills only by looking at them, and even if for a moment you consider the possibility of wearing them, you almost always end up wearing a pair of pants and a dressy top, that’s it. All that investment you did in your party dresses must be reimbursed on some way, and there’s no better option than the simple act of wearing them.

An easy idea if you’re not going to spend a lot of time at the exterior is to wear a coat that will accentuate the color of your dress, if going bare legs is a big no-no for you, there’s always nude tights, they don’t seem like much but believe me, they help a lot. Another idea I had in mind and I always wanted to try is to wear a l ace dress with pants underneath; the richness of the texture of leather make an unsurpassed couple when paired with lace, and if they’re in contrasting colors, even better.

I originally wanted this post to be my dressing options for New Years Eve but December is the worst month to receive online purchases, so the package containing the dresses was very, very delayed. I considered to cancel it and adjust it to another season but then I thought: there’s always a party somewhere.

Post by
Adriana G.

There’s Always a Party Somewhere